Bouquet of Lily Flower

Royalty, salvation, and innocence are symbolised by the beautiful lily. They come in lovely shades of yellow, pink, white and orange that are ideal as a gift to your loved ones. On special occasions, select from the wide range of lilies bouquet and arrangements available on our website for your beloved ones.

  • Sing Into The Dawn
    3 stalks white lilies with fillers..
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  • Exalted Sensation
    Entice and lovely, this bouquet speaks volumes. This assortment is a festivity of colours, which ignites passion, radiance, energy and brings a matchless grace to your special someone. This bright and bloomy combination is meant to express joy and pleasure with its exclusiveness.
    USD 118
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  • Queen
    Arrangement Of Pink Lilies and Mixed Flowers In A Hand Bouquet
    USD 126
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  • You're Ever Beautiful
    A vision of beauty to demonstrate your desire and thoughtfulness. The best way to say what's in your heart. Gift this bouquet of red roses and lily to whom you admire most.
    USD 160
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  • Subtle Freshness
    A bouquet of roses and lilies that will bring a smile to that special someone's face!
    USD 160
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  • Charming Flair
    The elegant and classical combination of pure white and greeneries. The shape and texture of flowers gives a whimsical glimpse. The subtle arrangement of flowers and wrapping create an enchanted aura of love. A complementary symbol of love for the loved ones.
    USD 164
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  • Crystal Glamourous
    White Lilies and White Roses in a Vase. Please note that vase may varies due to its availability.
    USD 178
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  • Symphony      of Love
    18 Red Roses and 5 White Lilies in a Vase
    USD 219
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