Bouquet of Lily Flower

Royalty, salvation, and innocence are symbolised by the beautiful lily. They come in lovely shades of yellow, pink, white and orange that are ideal as a gift to your loved ones. On special occasions, select from the wide range of lilies bouquet and arrangements available on our website for your beloved ones.


  • Queen
    Arrangement Of Pink Lilies and Mixed Flowers In A Hand Bouquet
    USD 63
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  • Strawberry Vanilla
    pink and white Asiatic lilies decorated with fillers
    USD 63
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  • Unfailing
    White Roses, Red Gerberas, White Lilies and fillers in a Vase.
    USD 69
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  • Pink Realm
    pink gerbera or germinis with pink lilies
    USD 75
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  • Fluffy's Floret
    Pink Lilies, Two-tone Roses, and White Chrysanthemum in a vase. Note: Vase may vary
    USD 76
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  • Crystal Glamourous
    White Lilies and White Roses in a Vase. Please note that vase may varies due to its availability.
    USD 81
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  • Flora-Rainbow
    Mixed Hydrangeas, Roses, Lilies, Carnations and fillers in a vase.
    USD 94
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  • Brown Love
    A box of 8pcs Ferrero Rocher, Mixed Roses, Lilies, Hydrangeas, and fillers.
    USD 96
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  • the Extravagant
    A Bouquet of White Lilies with Blue Iris.
    USD 101
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  • Roseate Kiss
    Arrangement Of Lilies, Pink Roses, and Pink Carnations In A Vase. Please take note the shape of the vase will vary to its availability.
    USD 105
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  • Fruity    Kiss
    A bouquet of Mixed Flowers (Mixed Roses, Lilies Stargazer, Carnations, Tulips) and fillers
    USD 113
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  • Glamorous Chic FA
    A box of 1 Australian Wine, Orange Roses, Hydrangeas, Lilies, Tulips, and fillers
    USD 150
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  • Tatiana's Story
    A Bouquet of Mixed Flowers Consisting of Pink Roses With Pink Lillies And Fillers.
    USD 174
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