Make a special birthday flower and gift delivery! With happy birthday roses, birthday teddy bears and birthday presents sent on the same day. We have the perfect flowers for birthday delivery.


  • Pink Romance
    Deluxe Size includes: • Pink Lilies • Clear Glass Cylinder • Curly Willow Accents
    SGD 152
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  • Dozen Balloons & Teddy Bear
    Deluxe Size includes: • Plush Teddy Bear • 12 Colorful Latex Balloons
    SGD 154
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  • So Poise
    Blue Hydrangeas, Modern Glass Vase
    SGD 154
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  • Purple Rose
    Long Stemmed Purple Roses, Purple Waxflower in a Vase with Lavender Bracelet
    SGD 157
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  • You're Beary Special
    Deluxe Size includes: • Red Roses • Pink Roses • Purple Daisies • Keepsake Floral Basket • Plush Teddy Bear
    SGD 159
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  • Just Like You, the Cuteness
    This Giant Teddy presents What cuddly, brown, and HUGE are.
    SGD 160
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  • Two Dozen Purple Roses
    Regular Size includes Two Dozen Purple Roses.
    SGD 138
    SGD 162
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  • That Birthday
    Includes: • Happy Birthday Pasta • Sour Patch Kids • Dots • Swedish Fish • Chuao Chocolatier's Firecracker Bar with Sea Salt • Smokey Chipotle • Popping Candy • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans • Funky Chunky Sea Salt Popcorn • Mike and Ike Candy • Nunes Farms Pistachio's • Swirly Lollipop • Happy Birthday Tin Container
    SGD 168
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  • Ultimate Milk Chocolate
    Includes: • Fun Sized Hershey's Bars • Mini Hershey's Candies • Strawberry Hard Candies • Cake Design
    SGD 168
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  • Just For Your Love
    Regular Size includes: • One Dozen White Roses • Pink Asiatic Lilies • Variegated Pittosporum • Glass Vase
    SGD 177
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  • Cupid's Arrangement
    Regular Size includes: • Red Roses • Pink Roses • White Spray Roses • Light Pink Spray Roses • Couture Vase
    SGD 200
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  • Red Rose & Lily
    Deluxe Size includes: • Red Roses • White Lilies • Clear Cylinder Vase
    SGD 206
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  • Opulent Orchids
    Deluxe Size includes: • Three Phalaenopsis Orchids • Decorate Pot
    SGD 335
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  • Premium Red Roses
    Regular Size includes: • Three Dozen Red Roses • Clear Glass Vase
    SGD 350
    SGD 412
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