Congratulations Flowers

When your close friend & family have achieved something wonderful, you definitely feel like congratulating them. What can be better than stunning flower bouquets, gifts and spectacular flower arrangements to congratulate someone? Check our newsest flower arrangements & gifts.

  • Vincent Bouquet
    Happy bouquet of flowers with 3 orange roses, 3 sunflowers, 2 solidago, 3 leather ferns, 1 yellow bast band, 3 pistochia and 4 salal. Diameter about 30cm.
    USD 51
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  • Summer Feeling
    Radiant bouquet with 2 sunflowers, 2 orange roses, 2 red carnations, 1 orange Asclepia, 2 Solidago, 1 butterfly stud, 3 leather ferns, 3 Pistochia and 3 Salal. Diameter about 30cm.
    USD 55
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  • Triple Sunshine
    Sunflowers with seasonal flowers
    USD 57
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  • Symphony Flowers
    Decorative flower greeting with 2 orange lilies, 2 yellow roses, 2 red germini, 3 solidago, 1 hypericum, 2 white chamomile, 4 leather fern, 6 pistochia and 5 salal.
    USD 58
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  • Yellow Flowers
    Beautiful yellow orchid with 2 branches in a decorative light green glass pot. Size approx 60cm. With detailed care instructions and decoration.
    USD 58
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  • Sun Salutation
    Summery flower arrangement with 2 sunflowers, 2 green carnations, 1 light yellow Santini, 2 green Thlaspi, panicum grasses and 3 pistochia, decorated with 2 pieces of wood. The arrangement is delivered in a wicker basket (approx. 14x19cm).
    USD 60
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  • Summer Party
    Summery bouquet with 2 sunflowers, 2 orange carnations, 2 salmon-colored satin balls "Ellison Salmon", yellow limonium, 2 pink delphinium, 3 panicum grasses, 5 leather ferns, 8 pistochia and 3 aralia leaves.
    USD 62
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  • Caress
    Mixed flowers in hand bouquet
    USD 63
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  • Late Summer Dream Bouquet
    Orange roses, Orange gerberas and Asclepias in bouquet
    USD 56
    USD 64
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  • Summer Lights
    5 bright sunflowers tied with 4 orange Asclepia and a decorative yellow bow.
    USD 65
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  • Pink serenity
    Mixed flowers' hand bouquet
    USD 69
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  • 20 Orange Fairies
    Magnificently glowing rose present with 20 roses, decorative bow, without cut green. The roses are approx. 40-50cm long and have a head size of approx. 3.5cm.
    USD 70
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  • Yellow Meadow Yogurette
    Summer bouquet with 3 yellow roses, 2 orange-yellow germini, 2 solidago, 1 yellow Santini ball, 1 Asclepia, 1 orange Hypericum and 3 Pistochia. Including Free: Ferrero Yogurette 4-bar (50g) and Marie glass vase
    USD 71
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  • Summer Morning Ride
    Radiant arrangement with 2 orange germini, 1 yellow germini, 1 orange Alstroemerie, 1 cream-colored Lisianthus, 3 Chicco, 3 Pistochia and 3 Salal in a beautiful glass vase
    USD 71
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  • Grande Red Pink
    Beautiful Fairtrade roses in a bunch consisting of 7 pink roses, 8 red roses, 2 blue limonium with a decorative bow, without cut green. The roses are approx. 40-50cm long and have a head size of approx. 3.5cm.
    USD 74
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