Womens Day


International Women's Day United States

Do you want to stay on top of your loved ones mind? On women’s day, it is perfect to send a surprise gift to your mom, auntie, grandmother, girlfriend, or friends. You can also choose a heart-warming bouquet and get it delivered to them.


  • Delightfully Fresh
    Pink Roses, Pink Asiatic Lilies, Lime Carnations, Pink Waxflower in a Vase
    IDR 881,000
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  • Delightfully Pink
    Pink Spray Roses, White Lilies, Pink Waxflower in a Vase
    IDR 969,000
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  • A Walk in the Sun
    Pink Roses, Orange Roses, Yellow Alstroemeria in a Vase
    IDR 980,000
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  • Lavender Bliss
    Pink Stargazer Lilies, Purple Roses, Seasonal Purple Flowers in a Glass Vase
    IDR 1,059,000
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  • Full of Wonder
    Red & Orange Gerbera Daisies, Pink Matsumoto Aster, Hot Pink Roses in a Glass Vase
    IDR 1,059,000
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  • Bright and Beautiful
    Pink Asiatic Lilies, Light Pink Roses, Pink Alstroemeria in a Vase
    IDR 1,145,000
    IDR 1,144,000
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  • Jennie
    Regular Size with Pink Asiatic Lilies, Pink and Red Roses, Purple Waxflowers, Alstroemeria in a Glass Vase.
    IDR 1,043,000
    IDR 1,158,000
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  • Serenity & Bliss
    Regular Size includes: • Pink Roses • White Asiatic Lilies • Alstroemeria • White Cushion Spray Mums • Glass Vase
    IDR 950,000
    IDR 1,158,000
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  • Jack Rose
    Regular Size includes: • Red Roses • Purple Statice • Blue Iris • Clear Glass Vase
    IDR 985,000
    IDR 1,158,000
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  • The Sunrise Bouquet
    Regular Size includes: • Hot Pink Roses • Yellow Roses • Pink Aster & Purple Statice • Classic Glass Vase
    IDR 1,173,000
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  • One Dozen Pink Roses
    Dozen Pink Roses in a Bouquet.
    IDR 1,051,000
    IDR 1,237,000
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  • Sweet Devotion
    Lavender Roses, Lavender Stock, Pink Stock in a Glass Vase
    IDR 1,266,000
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  • Southern Peach
    Regular Size includes: • Peach Roses • White Asiatic Lilies • Peach Mini Carnations • White Stock • Pitta Negra • Dusty Miller • Green Echeveria Succulent • Glass Cube Vase
    IDR 1,419,000
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  • Clear Blue Skies
    Regular Size includes: • Creme Roses • White Asiatic Lilies • White Miniature Carnations • Purple Statice • Blue Cube Vase
    IDR 1,249,000
    IDR 1,419,000
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  • Hot Pink Surprise
    Deluxe Size includes: • Hot Pink Spray Roses • White Traditional Daisies • Pink Mini Carnations • Clear Vase with Pink Bow
    IDR 1,419,000
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  • Forever Romance
    Deluxe Size includes: • Red Roses • Pink Stargazer Lilies • White Alstroemeria • Purple Limonium • Red Vase
    IDR 1,498,000
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  • The Sweetheart
    Deluxe Size includes: • Red Roses • Hot Pink Carnations • Red Mini Carnations • Fuchsia Mini Carnations • Red Vase
    IDR 1,628,000
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  • So Poise
    Blue Hydrangeas, Modern Glass Vase
    IDR 1,650,000
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  • Purple Rose
    Long Stemmed Purple Roses, Purple Waxflower in a Vase with Lavender Bracelet
    IDR 1,679,000
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  • Red Rose & Lily
    Deluxe Size includes: • Red Roses • White Lilies • Clear Cylinder Vase
    IDR 2,202,000
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